Tough Love Body Scrub with Cornish Sea Salt + Walnut

Mineral-rich and effective, Tough Love tackles even the roughest patches to leave behind smooth, glowing skin with a light, moisturised layer with a spa-like herbal scent.

How to use sea salt body scrub:

Using the bamboo scoop provided, taking care not to get water in the jar, take some scrub and loosen the mix in your palm with warm water (a little goes a long way), then rub over wet skin in circular motions. Rinse with water, and pat dry gently to leave intact the moisturising layer that’s left behind to sink in.

Exfoliate safe in the knowledge that this product is kind to you and the planet we live in. As a biodegradable exfoliant it leaves no lasting footprint on our natural environment.


Sunflower oil*; Walnut shell powder*; Almond oil*; Cornish sea salt; candelilla wax; Vitamin E; Geranium*; Lavender*; Eucalyptus*

* organic

Eucalyptus should be avoided if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid in the case of known allergies to listed ingredients. Not suitable for those with nut allergies. 


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