Persian Blue Salt Pistachios

Playful with a mysterious touch. Enjoy a strong pistachio flavor, finely roasted aromas wrapped in sparkling salt with a sweet aftertaste. Blue salt is one of the rarest and most precious in the world. Together with the sapphire blue salt crystals, these nuts take on a luxurious character. Once on the tongue, an intense tingling salty taste develops, resulting in a mild, pleasant sweetness.

These delicious P-Stash nuts combine perfectly with white wine, hard cheese, dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream and salads.

P-Stash originated in Iran, which is also called the motherland of pistachios. The desert-like climate is particularly important for the flowering of these premium pistachios. The nuts are slowly roasted in small quantities in a factory in Berlin, according to the traditional Persian method. This gives the nuts a lot of time to develop their full aroma. The perfect spice combinations give the nuts a special touch and ensure an unforgettable taste experience.



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